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Unique Brews From BrewDog

Brewdog from Scotland has been known for some outrageous beers. They have topped the world record for highest ABV beer multiple times with their Tactical Nuclear Penguin- 32% ABV, Sink the Bismarck-41%, and the End of History-55% ABV (though they recently lost the title). But it is not just their beer strength that makes them unique, it is the way they market themselves and their general approach.
One example being the creation of the 
Royal Virility Performance (aka boner beer) which was originally released for the celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. While other breweries were releasing beers to commemorate the occasion, BrewDog decided to create something to undermine those brews while also offering the royal couple something useful. This limited edition IPA is said to be made with Viagra and natural aphrodisiacs like horny goat weed and chocolate. Three of these beers will have the same effect as taking one Viagra; but at $16 a beer you may be better of with the pill.
Though this is child’s play compared to their infamous End of History beer which is 55% ABV, sells for $765 per 12 oz brew, and comes in its own koozie…an animal koozie. That’s right. Each bottle is shoved into taxidermied rodents (who supposedly died of natural causes a.k.a roadkill). This release was extremely limited and only consisted of 7 stouts (rodent not beer) and 4 grey squirrels.
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End of History and Royal Virility Performance)